What We Do

Our goal is to help our clients get their needs met whether it involves conducting research, analyzing archived data or tapping into the knowledge of current executives, staff or competitors


DIG Consulting was founded on two basic premises:

  • Make it actionable

To be effective, market research must be more closely aligned with business needs, not simply research goals, and offer recommendations that can be effectively implemented in the client’s business and competitive environment

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

Many companies have invested heavily in acquiring knowledge about their market and
competitors, yet have not fully realized the benefits of this information

We set out to address these issues by establishing our three service areas:

research services
consulting services (STRETCh)
segmentation services (SegPro)

Whether it’s conducting research to help a client price a product, training a client’s staff on a research technique or helping develop and implement a strategic segmentation strategy, our combination of services is designed to help our clients’ get their business information needs met.