Analytic Methods

We customize our analytic plan to achieve the unique goals of each project

Analytic tools are just that, tools to achieve our clients’ research objectives.  Therefore, our focus is on the tool’s ability to support our clients’ business goals, not the technique itself.

We always begin with an analytic plan

  • Initial steps are taken to assess the integrity of the data set, to reduce or classify the data, when appropriate, and to identify alternative applied statistical techniques to achieve the goals of the research.
  • Using our knowledge of alternative techniques, the analytic plan links the analysis to our clients’ business goals and challenges

We investigate different techniques and analytic methods to identify the best approach to achieve our clients’ research goals

  • Analytic creativity is most often apparent when modeling segmentation solutions since different techniques, such as cluster ensemble, Latent class, concurrent segmentation and object-based reversed cluster approaches, might elicit different results. Other examples include alternative trade-off methods, structural models or composite variable development.
  • Our approach provides the most appropriate, creative and cost-effective analytic design, customized for each of our clients’ information needs.

We support both well established and emerging analytic techniques, selecting and recommending those that best meet our client’s information and strategic goals.