Consulting Services (Stretch)

We help clients get more value out of their research and enable them to use and perform research more effectively

Our Strategic Research Training and Consulting help (STRETCh) services are designed to help companies maximize the value of their managements’ insight and existing research information and to understand, use and perform research more effectively.   Many organizations have untapped knowledge and staff resources that, with guidance, can be better utilized to help the company achieve its goals.  STRETCh provides solutions for companies to more effectively achieve their research and business information goals.

Segmentation Planning and Strategy Worksessions

Recognizing the key to a successful strategic segmentation program is “beginning with the end in mind,” we use a variety of facilitation methods to help companies create and effectively implement strategic segmentation solutions that align across functional areas. 

Research Tools and Techniques Training

Whether it is for segmentation, product development or another marketing application, learning why, when and how to use various research and analytic techniques helps employees across all areas and levels of an organization to do their jobs more effectively

Industry and Competitive Analysis

Using available internal intelligence, along with external investigations, we help companies understand the context in which their business and marketing programs need to operate

Report Writing and Synthesis

Whether for syndication or proprietary purposes, we leverage years of experience and expertise in marketing and research to help companies synthesize research findings in order to create more effective research reports and industry white papers

Extended Data Analysis

Re-analyzing and statistically modeling prior research or internal data from the perspective of current business goals, changing competitive landscapes or newly enacted regulations and environmental changes, helps companies stay current and get the most value from their research expenditures