Research Services

We deliver research insights that help our clients succeed

DIG offers a comprehensive portfolio of custom research services to address a variety of marketing and business objectives. Whether it’s determining who to target, strengthening competitive position, designing or pricing a product or service, optimizing channel solutions, or improving the customer experience, DIG delivers research insights that help our clients achieve success in their marketplaces.

While we are primarily recognized for our quantitative research expertise and analytic capabilities, exploratory approaches are frequently used in conjunction with quantitative research or when conducting in-depth, professional B2B dialogues, competitive analyses or other similar executive interviewing methods.

Segment the market to achieve a wide range of business goals, from focused, tactical segmentation objectives to broader strategic segmentation programs that have the potential to impact all aspects of an organization. Read More >>
Design a roadmap to develop marketing strategies by thoroughly understanding the industry market structure, competitive advantages, buyer behaviors and purchase motivations. Read More >>
Determine what to offer, at what price and how alternative product–pricing configurations impact your competitive position and bottom-line. Read More >>

Get the most from your brand by assessing its strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors and identifying strategies to position and communicate more effectively. Read More >>
Identify channel and delivery alternatives that improve exposure and usage potential of products and services. Read More >>
Learn what your customers think and feel about your offerings, customer service and order / fulfillment procedures. Read More >>