Segmentation Services (SegPro)

We design actionable segmentation solutions

Strategic market segmentation operates at the intersection between marketing and research and, more than any other research activity, has the potential to impact all aspects of an organization. To succeed, strategic segmentation programs must be seen as a collaborative process involving all relevant stakeholders throughout the organization working together toward a common goal. Too often segmentations fail due to either a lack of planning or failure to identify and implement the necessary operations to succeed.

Using our multi-stage SegPro process, DIG has designed and implemented successful segmentations for dozens of companies across a wide range of industries among both consumer and business markets.

SegPro Stages

Gain a deep understanding the client’s business, market and organizational challenges and opportunities, including stakeholders’ goals, potential barriers and implementation requirements
Ensure stakeholders’ agreement to segmentation goals, market definition, confirming consensus and developing the sample frame and survey
Review alternative segmentation solutions and select the solution set that most effectively meets the business objectives and has the greatest likelihood of being successfully implemented
Successful market segmentations “begin with the end in mind,” including aligning operations, linking solutions to database scoring and developing strategies to target attractive segments

SegPro involves a series of onsite work sessions, stakeholder dialogues and team building activities, followed by the actual research to develop the segmentation solutions.

Segmentation techniques can also be used to address focused, tactical marketing objectives that do not require completing all four stages of SegPro. Read more >>

We are experts in designing actionable segmentations, using a variety of analytic methods and applications. We are not prescriptive in using one analytic tool over another, but rather select the appropriate technique to meet the requirements of the segmentation.