Our Guiding Principles

Four principles guide our work

Collaborate efficiently and effectively

Senior consultants, who have also been buyers of research (client-side), always work directly with our clients and lead every aspect of the project from design to implementation.

  • We believe the value of our services is enhanced by collaborating with our clients as strategic thought partners
  • We understand complex business issues and are at ease interacting with all levels of executives, staff and functional areas

Bring a comprehensive understanding of our client’s industry and business challenges to every engagement

All of our work begins with a  focus on the psychology of what motivates buyers, the customer experience and the competitive and external context in which buying decisions are made.

  • We are able to design more relevant research, more meaningful surveys and more effective training modules
  • We generate more relevant insights set in the context of the competitive and business issues affecting our clients

Offer the most appropriate customized research or consulting solution

We challenge ourselves every day to expand our knowledge of best practices and innovations and focus on suggesting the most appropriate, creative and cost-effective research design, customized for each of our clients’ information needs.

  • We use customized research designs and analytic creativity to ensure the research outcomes meet our clients’ business needs
  • We offer business solutions, not canned research products

Provide value

Our mission is to provide excellence in consumer and business research and generate insights that translate into marketing action. As a team, we pride ourselves in achieving our mission cost effectively.

  • We create cost and time efficiencies by customizing each project team to support the specific requirements of each engagement
  • We achieve effectiveness through senior leadership, industry knowledge and creativity in research design and implementation