Industry Specializations

Convergence helps lead to industry specializations

Our work is not limited to certain types of industries or research. However, overtime, we have developed specializations in several inter-related sectors as a result of the sheer volume of research and consulting done is these areas.


With advances in technology, enhanced regulations, globalization, concerns regarding privacy and security, combined with economic swings, regionally and globally, the industry is undergoing a great deal of change in virtually all areas and product lines. Our work spans retail banking, business banking, investing / brokerage, loans / lines, insurance, payments and merchant services.


There has been no more exciting time to work in the payments category than now. While oftentimes considered to be in the financial sector, as a result of its origins stemming from issuing and acquiring banks, the payments industry is a very unique and separate category. Recent technological innovations and an expanding competitive arena combined with regulatory pressures and evolving governance, have resulted in the payments industry becoming less and less anchored to the financial sector. Add mobile and P2P advancements, along with global world markets and there is no time like now in payments.

Our work spans credit, debit, prepaid, e-commerce, m-commerce, MPOS, merchant services and payments regulations.

IT / Technology

First came computing, then the internet and now mobile. The pace of change and innovation in technology has never been faster and is likely to continue at warped speed as younger consumers who are growing up with digital technology at their fingertips become the mainstream.

Our work spans a broad range of products and digital services, including hardware and equipment, mobile devices and services, website usage and evaluation, web hosting, software (accounting, financial, security, compliance), POS equipment and ATMs / virtual branch banking.

Business Services

Changing technology, regulations and globalization not only impact what products and services companies offer to consumers but how these companies do business themselves. Where there is a regulation, there is compliance. Where there is digital technology, there are privacy and security issues. The parallels go on and on.

Our work spans a wide range of topics, including business / HR compliance, privacy / security services, accounting / financial / payroll services, payment acceptance and processing and professional training and certification.