Markets Researched

Researching both consumer and business markets with special expertise in micro, small and medium size businesses

We conduct both B2C and B2B research but we are different from most research companies since a significant portion of our work is conducted among business owners, executives, managers and industry professionals.

We have a great deal of experience researching micro and small businesses, in particular, which has allowed us to develop a dynamic framework for assessing the needs, motivations and issues driving consumer and business decision making across the continuum of consumer and business buying markets. The framework enables us to develop more relevant research and more meaningful surveys and to generate more relevant insights.

In addition, we frequently conduct professional one-on-one dialogues, oftentimes for the purpose of investigating industry and competitive dynamics.

Types of markets we have researched:

  • Consumer markets (across product categories)
  • General population
  • High net worth
  • Banked and unbanked
  • Device / IT users
  • Digital consumer
  • Business markets (across verticals and titles)
  • Micro, small and medium size businesses (owners and executives)
  • Merchants (online and offline)

Professionals (IT, HR, HIM, CFP, RIA among others)

  • Business category players (across product categories and competitive landscapes)
  • Competitors
  • Channel members
  • Emerging market innovators
  • Associations