Markets Segmented

Segmentation expertise spans a wide range of industries

Combining our focus on buyer motivations and the context in which purchase decisions are made with our deep experience in market segmentation planning, design and implementation, we have developed actionable segmentations for clients in a wide range of industries.

Accounting software and taxation (B)
Business banking and merchant services (B)
Business / Human Resource learning and compliance (B)
Dining and hospitality
Education and training (B)
Food and beverages
Healthcare – Health Information Management (HIM) (B)
Payroll services (B)
Pet products
Security software (B)
Technology (B)
Telecommunications / mobile (B)
Transportation (B)
Web hosting (B)

(B) Includes business (B2B) and / or professional markets

Please read more about our work developing strategic market segmentation programs and segmentation techniques used to address more tactical, focused business objectives.